Friday, July 24, 2009

Residents object to county's rule on garbage collection

ST LOUIS (KMOX News) -- Starting next week, hundreds of St. Louis County residents are getting hauled into court for disposing of trash on their own.

St. Louis County Counselor Patricia Reddington says the prosecutions aren't related to the county's trash district plan, they're based on a 20-year-old ordinance requiring rubbish collection.

"The county's interest is just in the health aspect, we do not want trash getting dumped around the county."

But a citizens group says the charges are just a way to get people to use the county-appointed trash haulers.

"I don't see that they're in violation when they are keeping their property cleaned and they are disposing of their trash."

Cathy Armbruster says many residents plan to ask a judge to reserve judgement until lawsuits against the county trash district program are decided.

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