Thursday, July 23, 2009

St. Louis County Trying to Enforce Law That May Be Illegal

With robbies, thugs, muggings, rapes, embezzlement, kidnapping and more going on in our neighborhoods, St. Louis County is trying to enforce a law that may be illegal. It's a law that includes an option for citizens who chose not to comply with if they so desire . . . but only if you live in a subdivision. That's why over 300 subdivisions in the county chose to opt out. It's a law that says residents must pay a third party for trash services whether they want to do business with that company or not.

The official name of the regulation is The Solid Waste Management Program. It's supposed to protect the health and welfare of Saint Louis County residents through waste (source) reduction, recycling, and enforcement activities. Overall, its intent is good, but there are some gaping holes.

That's why almost three years later and millions of dollars spent, there are two lawsuits pending in the courts, summons' being issued to county residents, protest rallies being held, citizens claiming they are being discriminated against, local trash haulers being driven out of business, elected politicians not taking action to correct deficiencies in the trash program, and county official ignoring the pleas of its citizens saying the program is working great.

It's rumored a third lawsuit is in the making which is no surprise. Residents are now gearing up to address this issue along with others next year at the polls. Things are not all that well in St. Louis County.

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  1. Anonymous12:11 PM

    MSD tried to impose fees onto some property owners for Storm Water improvements, when those property owners didn't have any Storm Water services. This year, the Senate passed a state statute restricting MSD from charging property owners it does not service.