Wednesday, June 24, 2009

St. Louis County Recycle Containers Being Recycled; County Residents Paying the Bill

Recycling containers distributed by St. Louis County in early 2008 are showing up in recycling dumps in the area. At a cost of around $40 each, the dollars add up fast. Neither St. Louis County or local trash companies admit sending the recycle bins to recycling centers, the bottom line is they are being “trashed.”

Those black bundles in the middle of these photos are the recycle bins stuffed inside each other waiting to enter the recycling process.

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St. Louis County delivered more than 100,000 recycle containers early last year in spite of the protest of many citizens who did not want them. The county said they took back more than 10,000 from residents to be put in storage for future use. Evidently, the future use was to have them recycled.

It’s been over two years now and the Country trash program is still under attack. Two lawsuits are pending in the courts questioning its legality. Rumors have it more suits may be forthcoming.

From one county resident
, “What a waste of our tax money. What is County management thinking? This trash program has been a money pit from the start. County council members are just as guilty. Something needs to be done.”

Another said, “Our subdivision opted out of the trash program and we can do today what we have done before, select our own hauler, negotiate our own price and change whenever we want. We want nothing to do with county government.”

Other comments:

“While Dooley sinks, county government stinks. This is just another example of government waste.”

“What could the county have done with the millions poured into this project. Mass transit? Higher police salaries? Better building maintenance?”

“This is embarrassing.”

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