Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Judge Kendrick Is A No-Show in His Own Court

Circuit Judge Kendrick Unable to Make Decision On Trash Suit (April 9 article)

Further delays produce more questions and problems.

A case-management conference set for April 9 in St. Louis County Circuit Court on a lawsuit alleging trash districts were improperly established resulted in a 45 day delay on a decision. The follow-up conference was set for this past Friday, June 19, but Judge Kendrick decided not to show up. The word is he will get to it one of these days.

(See our article dated April 9, 2009. You may select "Judge Kendrick" from the list of keywords in the right hand column.)

In the meantime, St. Louis County continues to issue citations. The suit alleges that the county "has directly violated the command of its own governing charter by imposing upon its citizens in unincorporated areas a mandatory trash-district program and service charge without an authorizing vote by the citizens in each district, as required by the charter.

"The circuit judge is Larry Kendrick who was appointed as a judge in 1991. What kind of a judge is Larry Kendrick? What logic does he use in making decisions . . . when he makes them? Missing a court date unannounced shows distinct irresponsibility.

Anyone want to guess how this decision will go if Judge Kendrick makes it?

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