Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Subdivision Newtork Group Draws Full House

More than 45 subdivision trustees from south county to north county met this past Monday, March 30. Attendees were enthusiastic with the program voicing strong support. As one attendee stated, "The networking provided to trustees through this program is the only independent source for training, news and information."

Lt. Troy Doyle of the St. Louis County Police Department was the first of three speakers. He urged subdivisions to focus on Neighborhood Watch programs stressing this is one of the best ways to avoid crime in subdivisions.

Joe Hunt from St. Louis County discussed the County's trash program. While few attendees present participated in the countys trash district program, all voiced full satisfaction.

John O'Connell with the Neighborhood Preservation Department with St. Louis County presented a comprehensive overview of county rules and regulations which cover all subdivisions. Major problems noted by county inspectors included trash stored on property, safety hazards, homes in need of repair, unlicensed cars and other vehicles, number of people living in a home and others.

The Subdivision Networking Group is tentatively planning their next program for October.

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