Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dooley Blames Voters for Metro Situation; Voters Blame Dooley

Business & Media Institute produced a segment that aired on CNN’s March 29 “State of the Union” which looked at some of the cutbacks that will go in effect on March 30 to the St. Louis bus and light rail systems.

According to one St. Louis Democrat featured in the piece, the hardship stems from a penny-pinching electorate and the larger economy.

“The funding gap has local roots. St. Louis County voters rejected a modest tax hike to help the metro system. Local officials like County Executive Charlie Dooley thought it would pass, but say voters suddenly got stingy just before the November election as the stock market tumbled and Washington bailed out big financial firms.”

Dooley chastised voters for not realizing the impact they’re going to have on the workforce. Unfortunately, Dooley is not a popular leader having put his foot in his mouth on more than a few projects. The one that caused voters to reject the Metro vote was the trash program instituted by St. Louis County last year. Voters continue to have a sour taste in their mouths with lawsuits pending in the courts.

County taxpayers are tired of subsidizing a failed government-run transit system. According to the March 29 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Metro system is bleeding money. It faces an operating deficit of $45 million in 2009 – expected to reach $50 million in 2010.

Do you want to voice your disapproval of these cuts? Don't get mad at Metro. Tell your elected officials. Do you want some of your service restored? Write to Charlie Dooley and ask him why he can't give the 10 million dollars in funds to Metro that are no longer needed for 141 rebuilding project?

c/o Charlie Dooley
41 South Central Avenue,9th Floor
Clayton, MO 63105
Email: cdooley@stlouisco.com

PS - Has anyone ever received a reply from Mr. Dooley? Email or letter?

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