Friday, February 20, 2009

St. L County Says OK to Parking Boat Trailers, Utility Trailers and Campers on Grass

St. Louis County says it's all right to park boat trailers and unloaded utility trailers on the grass in your subdivision . . . providing they don't cause ruts and harbor mosquitos. Cars or trucks cannot be parked on the grass.

How do you feel about boat trailers, camper trailers and utility trailers being parked on grass in your subdivision? While you might tolerate 1 or 2 trailers being parked on the grass, how would you feel if a hundred residents did this?

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  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    This just goes to prove that our leaders no matter local, state or federal have no clue as to what kind of ramifications their stupidity will bring.

    I live in a subdivision that just recently included rules in its indenture preventing this plus giving specifics if there is a boat or trailer to be stored on the homeowners porperty what has to be done to comply with the indenture.

    I sure hope the county's ruling doesn't superceed out indenture.

    Does the county understand how trashy this kind of thing looks. It's kind of funny the things that used to be commonplace in Jefferson County especially Arnold can no longer be done in Arnold and the upity St. Louis County is lowering its standards just so they won't have to enforce them.

    Once again GOOD JOB Charley Dooly and crowd.

    It was bad enough pushing the trash down our throat now you are letting our neighborhood's look trashy.

  2. Anonymous9:13 PM

    This is one giant step backwards.

    It's time for full county consolidation into several large municipalities.

    County government, no longer feels the need to represent its people.

  3. Anonymous4:59 PM

    This is all you can find to post on here? really? I believe a property owner is entitled to certian rights when he purchases that piece of property, parking a boat there being one of those rights. Perhaps there should be a lot size requirement, but what is the difference between putting tires on grass, or putting them on gravel (which would take about $40 and an hours worth of time to place)?

    I have no right to tell my neighbor where he can and cannot park his boat; neither do you.

  4. Mike Roberts6:33 PM

    Sorry, but when someone buys a home, they must comply with the rules and the rules include types of fencing, storage buildings, commercial vehicles parking in the subdivision, number of pets, the number of people living in the house and, yes, parking of boats and trailers. A person needs to check on restrictions before buying a boat (or trailer) or otherwise be prepared to store it elsewhere.

    As the article stated, one boat may not be too bad, but a hundred would be an eyesore.

    These regulations are already on the books of the county, but are just not being enforced. If there's a regulation prohibiting it, it needs to be endorced.

    The county lacks the manpower and money to not enforce a lot of regs.