Friday, February 20, 2009

County Officials Sometimes Just Don’t Want to Enforce Regulations and Make Their Own Rules

The following was sent in by a county resident as a reply from St. Louis County to their request about cars and trailers parked on grass.

"I sent your message up the line (to Mr. Earls) as I told you I would. I have no control over how things happen any further than me. I certainly can't do anything about getting Mr. Earls to respond to you either. I have heard nothing one way or another as far as trailers go; so until I do, I will not be issuing NOV's (Notices of Violation) for trailers (parked on grass)."

The bottom line is some county officials make up their own rules and regulations . . . as evidenced by the trash situation in the county.

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  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    St. Louis County government is broke. They can't afford to enforce regulations.

    Any and all unincorporated areas, should seriously consider forming their own municipality or merging with another local group.

    You have no representation in the county. You are on your own.