Friday, January 02, 2009

100% Trash Increase for Porter, IN Homeowners

Certainly not that the monthly per-household trash fee was increased 100 percent to $10 in 2009; $11 in 2010 and $12 in 2011, which it was this past Tuesday. What’s cause for celebration is that about 350 downtown households can leave their trash cans in the alley and not have to wrestle them curbside to the front street.

Last night was a second public hearing on the trash-fee increase, which has been $5 per month since 1995. About 1,800 households pay the fee. A council member said the fee’s been neglected and should have been increased earlier, but he’s not sure what amount of fee he would have supported.

The town now contributes $4.53 per month/per household but the town’s share decreases next year to $3.78 with residents paying $10. Without the fee hike the town would have paid $8.78 in 2009 and residents $5 based on Allied’s new $13.78 monthly charge.

Porter currently pays Indiana American Water Co. to do its sewer billing including muncipal fees like trash/recycling and stormwater. But the council has decided to take back the billing responsibility and is in the process of making the changeover.

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