Saturday, November 29, 2008

Winning the Hulkamaniac vote in St. Louis County

Imagine sitting in the audience of a St. Louis County Council meeting and seeing Hulk Hogan arguing trash hauling contracts with Joe the Plumber.

Or maybe you think the whole proceedings are silly. Maybe they should be left to Mickey Mouse.

If some voters would have had their way this past election, that may have happened.

Hogan, Plumber and Mouse each received at least one vote in the various County Council races. One voter simply wrote “none of the above” in choosing a county councilman.

Democrat Kathleen Burkett, who ran unopposed to retain her seat as county councilwoman in the second district, said she could see where people would write-in a name if their political party didn’t field a candidate. She received 52,046 votes. Another 892 people chose to write-in a candidate in the race.

“Another person who’s in politics and I were talking about it,” she said. “I just jokingly said I want the names of the 892 people who voted against me.”

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  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Unfortunately, this just exemplifies the problem with voter apathy.

    If discontents would vote, things would change.