Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Welcome Town & Country To the County's Push to Kill Small Trash Haulers

For 40 years, the Sanders Hauling & Disposal LLC has been hauling trash in Town & Country, however, this could change with St. Louis County's trash program. Sylvester Brown's article in the Nov. 25 Post-Dispatch laid it out pretty good. You can read his entire article here: http://tiny.cc/countytrash

Sanders company is not large enough to handle all the trash, which includes garbage, recycling material and yard waste. Larger, commercial haulers also service Town and Country.

Certain wards stipulate rear-yard service only. This is the Sanderses' speciality. They drive smaller trucks along streets and into driveways. (sometimes knocking on doors to remind residents it's trash day), collecting trash that they deposit in an industrial-size truck as they go.

Of course, all this uncoordinated hauling by big and small trash trucks contributes to noise and road wear. After an ordinance in St. Louis County went into effect this year, requiring countywide changes in solid-waste management, Town and Country Mayor Jon Dalton convened a "Solid Waste Task Force" to develop a cost-effective proposal that would lessen trash collection days, ease traffic and meet the county's new requirements.

Who knows where this will all end. It's a shame that St. Louis County may be putting the Sanders Hauling out of business . . . . along with more than a few others.

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