Saturday, September 13, 2008

Trustee Networking Group Discussion at September 11 Meeting

Approximately 20 individuals participated in a lively subdivision networking meeting last week at the Weber Road Library in Affton. Most of those present were subdivision trustees but also included trash haulers, St. Louis County representative and trustees from south, west and north county.

Andrew Meyerkord with St. Louis County presented an overview of the features and benefits of the new website recently announced by St. Louis County for subdivision trustees. The demonstration was live using the wireless Internet services of the library. The web content was of keen interest since almost 100% of the audience indicated they were computer users.

Bill Rogers from Golden Gables Subdivision moderated the meeting along with Bob Meyer of Town South Subdivision.

Rogers reported a summary of a survey of trustees taken last winter asking for the most common problems facing their subdivision. He broke the problems reported into four categories of responsibility.

1. St. Louis County
2. St. Louis County and Subdivision Trustees (joint responsibility)
3. Police (St. Louis County or other municipalities)
4. Subdivision Trustees

Under the four general areas of responsibilities, the following were the most common problems cited.

> St. Louis County
Condition of streets
Traffic and speeders in subdivisions
Enforcement of regulations by St. Louis county such as parking cars and trailers on grass

> St. Louis County and Trustees
Trash removal and truck traffic
Homeowner property maintenance

> Police (St. L County of other)
General crime, vandalism, teen gangs

> Trustees
Street lighting
Assessments – Amounts, collection
Neighbors, neighborhood involvement

More details of the survey results will be reported during the coming weeks.


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