Tuesday, September 16, 2008

FelonSpy Tracks Felons in Your Neighborhood

FelonSpy.com is a small group of dedicated community activists who are committed to making sure that you do not fall victim to any crime, not rape, murder, robbery or even petty theft.

FelonSpy.com uses a broad array of databases, each completely legal when used individually. Their servers compare city, county, state and federal criminal databases with telephone records to pinpoint the location of the person you need to know is living next door to you.

They track virtually everyone with a criminal record including sex offenders, ex-cons (felony and misdemeanor), and those guilty of some of the more serious traffic infractions. You have the right to know who your neighbors are.

See who's living in your neighborhood: http://www.felonspy.com/search.html?agree=0

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