Friday, July 18, 2008

Wellston City Officials Talking Trash

Wellston City officials are seeking help in finding out which residents are paying for service and which are avoiding doing so by illegal dumping or other violations. Residents' views and ideas will be welcome, City Clerk Jan Trigg said at a City Council meeting Wednesday night.

Recently, several residents were dismayed over a collection fuel surcharge imposed without notice by Premier Waste, which collects from most city households without a city franchise.

Premier began operating in Wellston in 2006 after a franchised carrier pulled out of the city. High insurance costs and a history of residents' not paying bills on time — or at all — prompted the city to stop collecting trash itself and look for a private carrier.

Two operated for a brief time in 2005, but by early in 2006, no area carrier was interested. Premiere, based in North County, came forward to seek the work in Wellston, because it already operated nearby, but only if it could bill residents directly and in advance of service.

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