Thursday, July 17, 2008

Arnold Gets Lower Trash Costs Than St. Louis County

The City of Arnold, MO extended their contract with Veolia Environmental Services for an additional three years. Veolia will provide weekly trash pickup, weekly recycling and twice-yearly bulk item pickup for 6,700 residences. Veolia has provided the trash service in Arnold for five years.

In an effort to increase recycling, the city of Arnold is providing 65-gallon recycling bins to single and two-family residential houses. Residents already are provided 95-gallon trash bins.

While the Arnold population is considerably less than St. Louis County, their residential trash rates are also less. The city currently pays for the trash service, which will increase to $10.75 per home from $9.45.

As one resident put it, "Maybe we should have Arnold handle the trash collection situation in St. Louis County."

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