Thursday, May 29, 2008

Those Tracking Tags on Your Recycle Bins . . .

. . . are called RFID tags, short for "Radio Frequency ID." The tag is on the back side where the handle is located and looks like a paper mail label. Here's how this technology (RFID) is being used in law enforcement.

Prisons Use RFID Systems To Track Inmates Government Technology

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, which is used extensively by retail establishments and other commercial businesses, is now being used by developed for use in correctional facilities to track inmates and staff and to prevent problems before they occur.

Facilities in states such as California, Virginia, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota have implemented RFID inmate tracking systems. The use of RFID provides an added level of security to facilities, allowing staff to know where everyone inside the RF perimeter is at any time. Also, having this level of tracking and identification within a facility allows staff to keep known members of rival gangs away from each other.

Furthermore, the system's capabilities can be used to expedite investigations involving inmates or staff by identifying individuals in the area at the time of an incident.

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