Sunday, May 04, 2008

Some Toledo, OH Residents Talk Trash About New Rate Structure

Seventy-nine year old Yvonne Bigley has three words for her fellow Toledo residents who have lamented the city's monthly trash collection fee: "Get over it. I love the fee. It's completely worth it," Mrs. Bigley said from her Tamarack Drive home in South Toledo.

"All these people quibbling about $3 or $4 a month to have everything hauled away," she said. "What do you think people would pay for someone to haul it away to a dump, or what you would pay in gas to take it yourself?"

Starting tomorrow, Toledo's trash fee jumps from $5.50 a month to $7 for those who don't recycle. Recyclers will pay $2 - down from $3.

Even at the increased $7 a month, Toledoans - who have unlimited trash and bulk pickup - will pay less than what suburban residents pay for garbage collection.

In Ottawa County's village of Genoa, residents pay $10.62 monthly and are limited to four bags plus recyclables. Residents of Lake Township in Wood County pay $113 a year for unlimited trash and recycling pickup.

In Fulton County's Swanton Township, residents have free pickup just once a month. If people want to have refuse picked up weekly, it costs $10.67 monthly for a two-bag limit or $18 for unlimited pickup.Toledoan Thomas Forbush, 63, thinks any fee is too much.

"Right now, I live in a mobile home park and they are discriminating against us by not allowing us to get a reduced rate," Mr. Forbush said. "I don't recycle, and I'm not recycling until I can get the reduced rate."

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