Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Salvage of Tulsa trash program unlikely

A committee wants more time to study the pilot program, but councilors are wary.Several city councilors suggested Tuesday that it might be time to "pull the plug" on a pilot trash program rather than extend it. The program, which converted five Tulsa collection routes with 1,855 homes to a once-a-week, cart-based service that includes recycling, is set to expire May 30.

A formal request from the Tulsa Authority for the Recovery of Energy -- the city's trash board -- to extend the program six more months for more study is expected to go to the council before the end of the month. But councilors during their committee meetings were not supportive of continuing the program, arguing that for it to have a future, it would have to yield a bigger savings. The program's monthly curbside rate is $12.37, compared with the $13.44 rate for the standard twice-a-week service without recycling.
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