Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Trustees & Residents Continue to Talk Trash

Letters and comments continue about County's trash program. Here's some more received today.

Writer #1 -

"I agree that this trash issue has been nothing but a big mess and a huge headache for trash haulers, subdivision trustees, and residents. I am the Chairperson for a subdivision and have no idea when to tell residents that the "new level of service" will begin. It was stated that we would get the cart March 28-April 1. Now the county website says April 2-April 8. I have been calling our trash hauler to try and get this figured out so everyone knows what is going on. The county put a lot of responsibility on everyone else to conform to this plan. It stinks in my opinion."

Writer #2 -

"Mr. Barcom hit the nail on the head. I wonder what the other trash haulers are experiencing. I suggest we get all (trash haulers, County Council members, county management officials and a dozen trustees) in a room to discuss this situation and to come up with an agreeable, workable plan. And no one is to leave the room until the problems are resolved even if it takes days. Anybody listening?

I watched the TV broadcast of the Council's meeting from March 25 (Barcom's presentation). It's almost like a reality show, but I can't determine if it's a comedy, a drama or a mystery."

Writer #3 -

"We have never recycled before and I am all for it. Let's face it, we'll run out of space for trash somewhere down the road. But the mechanics present a problem and I need some advice. I can't throw everything in our waste basket since I then need to take it outside when full and separate it in to "trash" versus "recycables." That's a messy job and I really don't have time for that.

I think one solution may be to have two waste baskets, one for trash and one for recycables - but that's a problem as we live in a small home and barely have space for just one wastebasket under the sink. What are other people doing? Are most using two wastebaskets in their kitchen?

I can't run outside a dozen times a day to throw recycable in the proper bin. That's like having two "waste baskets," one inside and one outside. This is ridiculous. Any suggestions?"

Writer #4

"Mr. Barcom has a right to complain and speak out to the county. The county promised that it would try and help the small and independent haulers so they wouldn't get hurt. But the first county bid out in District 3, was awarded to a National Public Company owned by the French, and they low balled the price to get it. Now Mr. Barcom will be loosing over 1700 hundred customers in that area and have to park trucks and lay off employees. Way to go County Government. After the big national companies take all the business by bid, the small haulers will be gone, and the price will go up. Have you ever seen a public service price go down????"

Writer #5

"A fine mess you have gotten us into now Charlie Dooley! Maybe if you would have paid more attention to Metro Link, you could have saved us $20 million. Maybe if you would have paid more attention to Property Taxes, more could afford their tax bills. What's next?"


  1. Anonymous4:02 PM

    I live in District 8 and our carts arrived today. What I am going to try to do is have our regular trash can in the kitchen for recycled materials and a smaller can for trash. I will have to see how this works as we do not have lots of room in the kitchen either.

  2. Anonymous8:04 PM

    A fine mess you have gotten us into now Charlie Dooley!

    Maybe if you would have paid more attention to Metro Link, you could have saved us $20 million.

    Maybe if you would have paid more attention to Property Taxes, more could afford their tax bills.

    What's next??????

  3. Concordia Village Subdivision received recycle carts on Saturday, March 29th. On Thursday,April 3rd which is the recycle pickup day for American Eagle, I noticed that perhaps half of the people who have signed up for our designated hauler; American Eagle, had put out the recycle carts. Perhaps this was because it had only been a few days since the carts had been delivered and the people may not have had enough recycle goods to warrant putting the cart out.
    We had been using the Kirkwood facility for our goods prior to the start of our new program which we implemented on April 1st. I believe American Eagle did a fine job of picking up the recycle goods and will continue to do so.
    In response to how to manage the recycle goods from your regular trash - it is quite simple. Put a box in the laundry room or right outside the garage door and each day put the recylce materials in that box. At the end of the day, dump it into the recycle cart.

  4. Joyce4:02 PM

    Your suggestion to put a box in the laundry room is great . . . if we only had a laundry room. Sorry, not an option here.

    Outside by the garage door? Our garage door is already outside. To get to it, we have to open the door to go outside to get there. In the winter time, not an option. And when one throws away recycables 10 times a day, I sure don't want to have to open the back door tens times. Sorry, not a good option.