Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Council Members Up for Re-Election August 5 Should Face Stiff Competition from Trash Problems

Three members of the St. Louis County Council are up for re-election in the August 5 primary election. This will be the first opportunity for county residents to express their dissatisfaction with County members at the polls regarding the controversial trash districting program.

Candidates seeking re-election include: District 2 - Council Chairman Kathleen Burkett, D-Overland; District 4 - Mike O’Mara, D-North County; and District 6 – John Campisi, R-South County.

If you want to know their position on the trash program the Council approved in December 2006, give them a call and ask.

Kathleen Burkett – 615-5437
Michael O’Mara – 615-5439
John Campisi – 615-5442

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