Thursday, April 03, 2008

Residents Getting Bolder As The Trash Problem Gets Older

More comments from St.L residents about the County Council actions . . .

"Mr. Campisi is trying to get bill #42 voted on and passed. Bill 42 would eliminate trash districting. (The minimum levels of service, which include recycling and twice a year bulk pickup, are not addressed in bill #42. Mr. Campisi plans to introduce a separate bill that deals with the minimum levels at a later time.)

Mrs. Burkett is in charge of scheduling bills for votes. She doesn't seem to find anything wrong with forced trash districting, dictating who the trash haulers will be, or imposing minimum levels and having us foot the bill. I'm guessing she will need to be 'persuaded' to bring the bill up for a vote.

Contact information is below. I'm told everyone, with the exception of Mr. Campisi, needs to be contacted.

1) Hazel Erby 615-5436 (615-5386)

2) Kathleen Burkett 615-5437 (615-5451)

3) Colleen Wasinger 615-5438

4) Michael O'Mara 615-5439 (615-0393)

5) Barbara Fraser 615-5441 (615-5434)

6) John Campisi 615-5442 (615-0159)

7) Gregg Quinn 615-5443 (615-5447)

Charlie Dooley can be reached at 615-7016 or

All council members and Dooley can be faxed at 615-7890. Letters can be sent to

Administration Bldg.4
1 S. Central
Clayton, MO 63105

County Council meetings are every Tuesday at 6 p.m. People are encouraged to attend and voice their views. This is very important!"

More comments . . . .

"The price sounds good at first - but don't forget the cart rental, surcharges, administration fees and other charges for excess trash, which may not be a part of this figure.

Also, if you wish to sign up to have your yard waste removed, that's extra too!!!!! It will be interesting to see what the bottom line REALLY is"!!!!!!!

As always, thanks for providing a great web site."


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    I applaud Mr. Campisis efforts to try and correct this error in recent county actions. However, this amounts to putting bubble gum on a leaking dam. The ordinance is already too confusing, too complicated and too over reaching.
    The ordinance actions need to be suspended, and go back to the table to correct it properly. There should be a full review and a citizens committee formed to offer solutions. It is not too late, but very close to citizen revolt.
    County officials need to halt this mandate and fix it, now.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    Quit playing politics with this issue and come to your senses. You were all elected to represent the voters and carry out their wishes. Put your differences aside and come to some reasonable and rationale compromise that is fair and acceptable to the constiuents you represent. Face it, you have made an error, now fix it.