Thursday, April 03, 2008

County Council Names Veolia Trash Hauler for District 3

The St. Louis County Council (not Executive Dooley or anyone else) approved a three-year contract on Tuesday, April 1 for Veolia Environmental Services. Veolia was the lowest bidder of seven and selected to haul residential trash and recyclables in a trash collection district in the unincorporated areas in West and North County.

The council's four Democrats voted for the contract and its three Republicans opposed it. If residents and subdivision trustees do not like the vote or selection, take note of the County Council members voting for the program.

The county expects Veolia to start work on July 1. The company will serve District 3, generally bounded by Maryland Heights, Overland, Creve Coeur and Chesterfield plus the West Overland neighborhood.

In the first year, Veolia will charge $11.60 a month for weekly trash and recyclables collection and twice-a-year bulky item pick-up. This cost is approximately 30% lower than most of the other trash haulers and makes one wonder if this cost is "too low" . . . or if the other haulers are "too high." What do you think? Click on COMMENT below this article and share your thoughts.

Bryan Barcom, owner of American Eagle haulers, urged the county to delay bidding for seven remaining trash collection districts until officials see how the first one works out. Bids for the remaining districts are scheduled for later this spring.


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Mr. Barcom has a right to complain and speak out to the county. The county promised that it would try and help the small and independent haulers so they wouldn't get hurt. But the first county bid out in District 3, was awarded to a National Public Company owned by the French, and they low balled the price to get it. Now Mr. Barcom will be loosing over 1700 hundred customers in that area and have to park trucks and lay off employees. Way to go County Government. After the big national companies take all the business by bid, the small haulers will be gone, and the price will go up. Have you ever seen a public service price go down????

  2. Anonymous4:56 PM

    I think can explain how Veolia was able to low ball this bid. I just received my bill from Veolia for identical service in another part of St Louis County: $105.44 for 3 months. This is over twice the rate I was paying prior to the new St Louis County waste management code.

    BTW, try googling on the words "Veolia" and "corruption" if you want to find out about the way this vast international does business.