Monday, April 21, 2008

More than a bottle

Coming from a generation that is so full of new technology, I have come to learn we want what is convenient, what is fastest. So instead of taking those few extra steps to the recycling bin, we choose to throw that bottle in the trash. Or perhaps some haven't thought that far and are too lazy to even go to the trash can.

We drive our "gas guzzlers" and don't become part of the solution to this unending cycle of wasting away our Earth. We complain that the weather is too hot, that there is never a clear sky, and the beaches aren't clean.

But if we complain, we need to ask ourselves what are we doing to help the problem? The upcoming election talks about the "new America," a better America. Many of my peers can finally vote and take part in this election, so why not listen to the politicians and make a difference? The solution is quite simple: start recycling, stop littering, and conserve energy and water.

Once one of us changes, others around will catch on and the pattern will spread. Be smart and be a part of the change.

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