Thursday, February 14, 2008

Recycling Starts in Parts of St. Louis County

Thousands of St. Louis County residents who have never had access to curbside recycling are now getting the chance to send less of their trash to landfills. A new ordinance went into effect January 1st which requires recycling as part of residents' basic trash service.

Craig LeFebvre with the Department of Health says they have started delivering recycling carts to all one and two family residences throughout unincorporated St. Louis county, "There's 104,000 residences that are being provided these carts. Everyone is being provided with a 64-gallon cart to start with. Included in that will be a booklet and a postcard. The postcard has information on it about if you want a smaller cart or you don't want a cart at all. Then we can return and replace it with either a 35-gallon cart or we can take the cart away completely."

LeFebvre says the county has a waste diversion rate goal of 50-percent by the year 2010. Currently, residents divert 30-percent of their waste from landfills.

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