Thursday, February 14, 2008

County Trash Program Does Not Make Common Sense

A reader submitted the following anonymous comment regarding St. Louis County's trash districting program.

County Reasoning: Reasons given by county officials for forming the trash districts include reducing truck traffic in residential areas and setting up a uniform system of standards and pricing to encourage more recycling.

Let's apply some logic to this:

- with the county forcing mandatory recycling, there will be twice as many trucks collecting trash and recycling.

- with all the OPT out subdivisions scattered through out a district, each district could use a different hauler, thus creating more trucks and traffic.

- with mandatory recycling, and additional equipment and manpower, prices will most certainly go up and not down.

- if less competition is the result, pricing will increase, and less to no choice will be the result.

- it costs just as much in labor and fuel and equipment, to collect a pound of Recycle as it does trash.

- How is the county ever going to track and monitor this mess they have established, not to mention, who is responsible for lost, stolen, broken Recycle Carts??????

This is truly and operational and administrative nightmare. Don't let it happen. Contact your County Council Person today and tell them, Stay Out of My Trash.

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