Monday, February 04, 2008

More 210 Subdivisions Opt-out Of County Trash Program

More than 210 Subdivisions have rejected the County’s trash program and chose to opt out of the assigned trash districts. This is for the entire St. Louis County Unincorporated area. These subdivisions include over 18,000 households and represent around 19% of the total households. Note, these statistics are estimates with the final totals expected to be somewhat higher.

The South County area is taking the brunt of this program with four of the eight trash districts included in this area. As of January 25, South County had 158 of 201 subdivisions requesting to opt out which included 11,572 households out of 17,079. This represents 67% of households not wanting this program.

This percentage parallels that of a county-wide survey taken last November by this website. The survey showed 66.5% of county residents do not want the County to select their trash hauler.

60.5% responded saying they felt the County program, as proposed, is not a workable program.


Where are our super heros when we need them?


  1. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Our super heros are those people fighting this ridiculous law that the people do not want. We elected officials to use their heads. Obviously we need new officials.

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Councilman Campisi has introduced a Bill at Tuesdays meeting that would end this insanity. An all out effort needs to be made for all to contact every County Council person to back down and support that legislation. It will take phone calls, letters, emails to the 7 council persons to support this effort. They need to hear ASAP to stop this thing.
    Contact all council persons, wheter yours or not, they need to hear from us, loud and clear and thousands of times.