Saturday, February 02, 2008

County's Other BIG Problem - Real Estate Tax Assessments

Sarah Haenni, Chairwoman, St. Louis CountyTax Relief Now, will be making a presentation on how the taxing system works among the various agencies that receive the tax dollars from your real estate taxes. This presentation will be at the Oakville Republican Township Meeting, Thursday Feb 7, 7:PM, at Crusoe's Restaurant/Sports Bar Telegraph Rd. and Baumgartner Rd. 5591 Oakville Shopping Center.

Bring a friend that would like to be more informed on the taxing situation of St. Louis County.

It is important that we communicate to county residents the importance of frequent communication with their representatives and senators for their favorable views towards legislation as described in the legislation presently before the legislators, reference SB 711, HB 1471, HJR & HB 1349. These bills address capping property tax increases, correcting the Hancock amendment so taxing agencies don't skirt around it to increase taxes and several other issues for fair taxation.

Go to Tax Relief Now web site,, and read about these bills and the other particulars concerning this organization.. This is a bi-partisan state wide issue and we need the favorable help from 200 senators and representatives to get this tax relief legislation passed.

One of the ways this is accomplished is writing to our senators and representatives for their influence with the other 200. We now have a chance with this session of the legislature, so lets not lose this Golden Opportunity!! The St.Louis County Council, as our "representative", should also be hard at work on our behalf with their influence at the state we need to be in contact with our councilman and the council as a whole for their help and ask them to keep us informed of their progress with their influence at he state level.

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