Thursday, January 31, 2008

County Passes Trash Legislation for Subdivision Trustees to Enforce

St. Louis County officials say subdivision trustees will be responsible to enforce the County's trash regulations if their subdivision opts out of the County's trash program. This is like saying subdivision trustees are responsible to enforce the speeding limits in their subdivision which are established by the County . . . and not the County police department.

Some homeowners will undoubtedly refuse to participate in the program citing freedom of choice. This means trustees will be responsible to file liens, lawsuits, determine qualifications of haulers and more. The County does not claim any responsibility.

Officials also confirmed that 100% of county residents will be billed by their assigned trash hauler regardless if they use trash services or not. The question posed is if a homeowner would have to pay if the homeowner transports his trash to his place of business. This is often a common practice for individuals who own their own business and pay for trash service at that location. Sorry, Mr. Businessman. You will have to pay twice.

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  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    This is total and complete hogwash. You will see a mass exodus of Trustees. This is dictatorship. What on earth is the county thinking?