Thursday, December 06, 2007

Trash Services To Be Billed by Haulers

Contrary to what's been published in some local newspapers, County officials confirmed today (December 6, 2007) trash haulers will be responsible for billing customers under the County's trash program.

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  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    St. Louis County wants to make these changes, but they don't want any of the responsibility of handling them. Once these changes go into effect, you loose your choices.
    Your Choice of Haulers, for whatever you think is right.

    The Hauler you have today, will not be the hauler you have tomorrow.

    You will likely have a collection day change, one you will not like.

    You will likey have a collection time change, one you will not like.

    You will have to call your current hauler and cancel services, then you will have to call your new hauler and establish services. This will be frustrating, time consuming and confusing.

    You will have to give up your right to choose, and let the County tell you what to do.

    Those little special arrangements you may have with your current hauler, such as putting your cans on a certain side of the drive, or having the can brought back up to Grandmas house, or taking a little extra from time to time, will all change. No exceptions, no special treatment.

    Call your elected officials and tell them to stop this crazy plan. Soon it will be too late.