Friday, December 07, 2007

Trash Complaints in Manchester

An official with the city's garbage hauler said a supervisor will be assigned to monitor service amid continued complaints. The District Manager of IESI said the number of complaints reported about service is high, but some of the complaints may be linked to the large number of yard waste pickups recently. Alderman Marilyn Ottenad said she had received about 20 complaint calls within the last two weeks about trash service. Complaints include rude drivers, trash not being picked up and debris scattered in the streets.

At past meetings, residents have also complained about lost and damaged garbage cans and pickups being overlooked. The District Manager said he will be at all board meetings in the near future to answer any questions about the company's service.


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    No big deal, in a short period of time, the County will save all of us who choose to live in unincorporated space. Big brother has the answer to all of our trash problems and choose the best, most competent, and best hauler for us.
    No problem, we can then spend our time on more important issues, such as TAXES, POOR SERVICE, BAD ROADS, SLOW POLICE RESPONSE, and other things.

    Soon the County will be forcing us all to ride the Metro Link, so they can recapture their loss on that fiasco.

    God save the King (Charlie Dooley)and his loyal court, (County Council). What would we do without them??

  2. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Love your web site. Is it possible for you to post all the County council email addresses and Executive Dooley as well. And maybe thier phone numbers as well. Would be useful and quick for us to contact them.
    After all, we are thier subjects.