Tuesday, December 04, 2007

County Reduces Trash Budget 55% for 2008

County officials reduced to about $178,000 the budget to administer controversial trash collection districts in the unincorporated areas from $400,000. Councilman Greg Quinn, R-Ballwin, opposes such districts, and Councilwoman Colleen Wasinger, R-Town and Country wants to delay their start for at least two years. Both suggested the county could save the $178,000 by not going ahead with the districts.

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    St. Louis County to start trash collection districts despite defeat of bill
    By Phil Sutin
    Wednesday, Dec. 05 2007

    CLAYTON — Eight trash collection districts will start in unincorporated St.
    Louis County next Oct. 1 even though the County Council on Tuesday rejected a
    bill that would have adjusted rules for them.

    The bill would have made several changes to plans for the districts, including
    preventing any one hauler from holding contracts for all the districts,
    prohibiting other trash haulers from "poaching" within districts assigned to a
    hauler except for subdivisions that opt out of the plan and allowing the county
    to award contracts for five years instead of three.

    The failure of the bill may slightly increase the cost of the trash service,
    said Garry Earls, the county's chief operating officer. It also makes the
    districts more of a business risk for trash haulers, leading to shorter
    contracts and difficulties borrowing money for needed equipment, he said.

    In about three weeks, the county will request comments from haulers about bid
    specifications, Earls said. In February, the county will seek bids that would
    lead to the county selecting a single hauler for each district in the summer.

    The council voted 4-3 against the bill after rejecting two amendments.
    Councilwoman Barbara Fraser, D-University City, joined the council's three
    Republicans to oppose the measure. The council's remaining Democrats supported

    The council voted 5-2 against Fraser's amendment to limit to two the number of
    districts that a hauler could service. Only Councilman Greg Quinn, R-Ballwin,
    voted with her.

    After the council meeting, Fraser said she could not vote for the bill because
    of "the monopoly aspect" of the trash district plan. "I want to maintain the
    businesses we have," she said. "If service proves to be inadequate, there won't
    be anyone around to take over."

    On a straight party-line vote, the council rejected an amendment by
    Councilwoman Colleen Wasinger, R-Town and Country, to postpone the start of
    trash districts for at least two years, to encourage recycling and to measure
    the response to recycling before the county implements districts.

    Meanwhile, opponents of trash districts in the unincorporated area of south St.
    Louis County and of a trash transfer station in Oakville have formed Citizens
    Against Trashy Government to promote their cause.

    The group will hold a rally at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Holiday Inn at Lindbergh
    Boulevard and Interstate 55. The group's leaders will provide upstates on the
    trash district and trash transfer station, said Tom Diehl, co-chairman of the

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