Wednesday, November 28, 2007

47 Attend Subdivision Trustee Networking Group Meeting; Trash #1 Topic of Interest

Forty-seven persons attended the Subdivision Trustee Networking Group Meeting on Wednesday, November 28. The purpose of the networking group is . . . . well . . . . networking. The number one topic of interest was the County’s trash collection program and the still many unanswered questions. The general consensus is this is still a moving target.

Bill Rogers, publisher of the Subdivision Trustee web site, presented an overview of the site along with key features available. These include the ability to search the site by keywords, subdivision profiles, subdivisions with web sites, photos, plus general subdivision news and information.

Greg Porter, chairman of the North St. Louis County Problem Solving Committee, provided an update and overview of their association’s activities and how they have addressed problems in the past. These include commercial vehicles, a day-care center in a home, for-sale signs illegally posted and others.

Jerry Eichholz with Paddock Forest Subdivision explained the approach their subdivision took to opt-out of the county’s trash program. They obtained signatures from about 52% of their subdivision residents rejecting the county’s program.

Jerry Wamser, Attorney-at-law, provided an update on activities being undertaken and voiced strong opposition to the trash system. He pointed out numerous areas in question and, in particular, the big dollars involved with this undertaking. He said a rally opposing the program is scheduled for Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. on December 11 at the Holiday Inn at I-55 and Lindbergh in South County.

Rich Tucker with Towne South Homeowners Association presented an update on the questions still remaining and how their association went about to opt-out of the trash program. The general consensus of the presentations and discussion is to opt-out of the country’s program until such a time as all questions can be answered and costs determined.

The next meeting of the Subdivision Trustee Networking Group is set for Thursday, March 13, 2008 at 7:00 p.m., Cliff Cave Library, 5430 Telegraph Rd. in South County. Mark your calendar.

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