Wednesday, October 17, 2007

STL County Council Plan for Trash Districts

The following are highlights of the trash program discussed at the the St. Louis County Council meeting on October 16, 2007. This topic is a moving target so take the following actions with caution.
  • St. Louis County would break its unincorporated area into eight trash collection districts
  • County officials would seek bids from haulers to pick up all household trash and recycling materials within a district except for subdivisions that could opt out of the system.
  • The pickups would begin Aug. 15. Officials also want the few municipalities that do not provide recycling service to make their haulers do so by April 15.
  • Public hearings on the plan will be held in November and December in each proposed district.
  • The districts would affect about 106,000 households. Districts would range in size from about 10,100 households to 16,600 households.
  • The hauler in each unincorporated district would have to provide once-a-week trash collection and once-a-week recycling collection. The haulers could offer once-a-week yard waste pickup and twice-a-week trash collection.
  • Haulers must offer a discount of 10 percent to elderly residents.
  • Haulers would have to maintain a staff to take complaints.
  • The county would select a hauler for each district based on the lowest price and on being a responsible and responsive bidder.
  • A contract would last for three years with options for two one-year extensions.
  • Subdivisions could opt out of districts to retain their haulers if their board certifies to the county that a majority of residents want to stay away from districts and that their haulers meet countywide minimum service requirements.
  • Subdivisions must opt out by Feb. 1. They would have an opportunity to join a district later, but cannot opt out a second time.

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