Saturday, August 18, 2007

Trustee Networking Group Moves Forward

Approximately 25 subdivision trustees from 18-20 subdivisions gathered at the Cliff Cave Library on Telegraph Road on August 15. The group gave an enthusiastic endorsement to establishing a networking type organization for the exchange of information affecting their subdivisions. Each person had an opportunity to voice their interest and all were very positive.

There was no discussion to formalize the group with an election of officers. The consensus was to keep the group informal and non-political. Four trustees from three subdivisions organized the first meeting to discuss the pros and cons of trustees getting together. They were Bob Meyer and Rich Tucker from Town South, Nancy Galovich with Woodleigh Estates and Bill Rogers from Golden Gables.

Bill Rogers presented an overview of the new Subdivision Trustee web site and the use of technology to improve communications between trustees throughout the county. The group currently has e-mail addresses for about 140 trustees and will continue to build a database. Trustees are invited to submit news and information about their subdivision along with requests for help and information from others. The web site can be accessed at

The value of the networking was evident in the topics discussed and information exchanged. Some hot issues included:

> The County wide trash collection proposal
> IRS taxing subdivision associations
> Incorporating a subdivision association - vs – not incorporating
> Annual assessment amounts – ranging from $15 to $300 per year
> Subdivision restrictions
> Legal issues
> Collecting past due assessments
> Filing of liens against delinquent homeowners
> Parking of vehicles in subdivisions – commercial vehicles, boats, recreation vehicles, trailers

Quarterly meetings were suggested with the group meeting again in October. For information, contact Bob Meyer at 314-892-6646 or e-mail to:

Trustees are invited to submit articles, news and information requests for publication on the web site to: Bill Rogers at: For information, contact Rogers at 314-892-8632

The makeup of the web site includes:

~ News and information
~ Cotact information
~ Keyword search capabilities
~ Subdivision descriptions
~ Links to web sites of interest to county trustees
~ Link to current news headlines
~ Ability to add your comments to articles and read comments from others

To add your name to the group’s database, send an e-mail request to The website is located at

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