Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Subdivision Bans Commercial Vehicles

The following was submitted as a COMMENT to one of our articles. We thought it important enough to present it as an article.


We have a ban on commercial vehicles in the subdivision unless garaged or parked on a permanent concrete pad. This was meant to mean a pad on the side of the house, or back. However, the driveway seems to be OK with the County. It should have been 'unless garaged' ONLY.

Also, you should have a definition of a commercial vehicle. The County says it's a truck with signs advertising a business, and we have been unable to get rid of a few trucks without signs that have side mounted tool boxes, winches, and snow plows attached.

Also, be sure to allow for fines and liens for violations of the Indentures, with the procedures spelled out, or you won't have any way of enforcing anything.


What do you allow in your subdivision? How about boats, buses, trailers? Where do they park?

1 comment:

  1. Unfortunately, our CCRs (Graeler Park) don't prohibit anything. One guy parks a huge RV in his driveway. It looks like a wall to anyone looking up the street.