Wednesday, May 30, 2007

St. Louis County Issues Trustee Guidebook

Though not a legal document, this guidebook is intended to help Subdivision Trustees and interested St. Louis County residents understand the issues surrounding the establishment and operation of Subdivision Associations.

For additional information, please call the St. Louis County Department of Planning, Comprehensive Planning Division at (314) 615-2520, email at

The language throughout most of this Guidebook is general and intended to be applicable to any subdivision in St. Louis County. The primary audience is subdivisions throughout the County, both in incorporated and unincorporated areas.

In order to maintain the general focus when referring to government institutions and services, the phrase “municipal or county” is frequently used; typically, a subdivision in a municipality receives most of its government services from that municipality, while a subdivision in an unincorporated area of St. Louis County eceives most of its government services from the County.

The main exception to the general focus of this Guidebook is its Appendix A, which contains information regarding neighborhood preservation, zoning and building permits for properties in unincorporated St. Louis County. Appendix B offers a toolkit for all subdivision trustees on topics such as running effective meetings and creating newsletters.


  1. Mary Smith10:05 PM

    This site is a great concept for exchange of information. Thanks.

  2. Nancy, galovich@swbell.net3:00 PM

    We have a problem in our subdivision in collecting our assessment. We have a family here that does not speak English. We have sent them our notices and have talked to their neighbors, but they do not respond. We don't know if any family members, such as children, speak English. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? We don't want to force payment via a lien as this is a lose situation for all. Thanks.