Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Automobile-related Rrisk Exposures - The Future is Here, Look Out

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A lot of people are looking forward to the day that driverless cars become available to the general public…particularly trial lawyers. A recent article in Bloomberg quoted attorney Kevin Dean, who said, “You’re going to get a whole host of new defendants.” He listed computer programmers, computer companies, designers of algorithms, Google, mapping companies, even states as possible defendants for future lawsuits. “It’s going to be very fertile ground for lawyers,” he said.

Auto insurers and auto parts makers are watching the development
of driverless cars, or autonomous vehicles, with anxiety. When the vehicles work as they are supposed to, they should reduce the incidence of crashes. That‘s bad news for them, good news for drivers. Driverless cars will also likely change the way auto insurance is priced and sold. With no drivers, who is covered? Many experts expect “pay per mile” coverage to become the norm.

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