Sunday, March 01, 2015

So What did the Trash Program Cost us Taxpayers?

Okay, so the County lost the lawsuit to the trash haulers and the County's insurance will pay for the majority of the judgment minus the deductible .

How much is the deductible and how much did the County ( taxpayers ) have to spend over the years defending the County's position on the lawsuit ? 

Newly seated Executive Stenger appears to be taking credit for the settlement of the case at what he states is less than what was anticipated.  I don't think a settlement is the same as a court decided judgment.  Actually, the court case has been on going for approximately seven years, but Executive Stenger takes credit for his administration's settlement. 

My opinion is that he isn't starting out well with his constituents.

A comment from a subdivision trustee . . .

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  1. Anyone have a scientific wild ass guess?