Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Local business owner disappears. Clients left hanging with no accounting records

A local business owner, Ken Line, literally disappeared right before Christmas. Line provided accounting services to approximately 30 clients in the metro St. Louis area. His office is located at 122 N. Kirkwood Rd. in Kirkwood.  The accounting service operates as Executive Business Solutions.
Ken Line

Line's father and brother say they do not know his whereabouts. The building owner says Line abandoned the office leaving client records and computer equipment behind. As client complaints poured in, the landlord, Dan Wind, entered the locked office to find Line's computer running and a half eaten sandwich and soft drink on his desk. He left behind piles of papers on the floor on desks and shelves, in plastic bags, etc.
Wind is the building owner and says he has the office contents boxed up and in storage. He is unwilling to attempt to extract records from the many boxes and, due to Mr. Line's obvious comingling of documents, would not allow any particular person to dig through them. It's believed Mr. Wind has not taken any legal steps in an attempt to return the records to the various clients but that's expected to change.

Clients have filed complaints with the Kirkwood Police Department. It's believed those "complaints" will soon be changed to "theft" charges against Line and Wind. The primary contact at the Kirkwood Police Department has been Captain John Follue.
Several clients have expressed serious concern since they need their files for year-end tax reporting.

One client advised she spoke with a judge friend. He said the Kirkwood Police Sergeant gave the landlord incorrect advice. The judge said the landlord cannot legally hold client's property but only keep what Ken Line owned. She subsequently met with the Kirkwood Police Chief to discuss the situation. No action has been taken by the police department to correct the error.
Another client said they don't want a media storm about this, but that's what it's shaping up to be. She said the Kirkwood Police Sergeant  gave out incorrect information, and that the department has refused to correct the situation.

If any of the public is aware of the location of Ken Line, they should contact any of the following individuals.

For information, contact:

St. Louis Browns Historical Society
Bill Rogers

Angela Haas

Building owner:

Multack Building
Dan Wind

Police Department:

Kirkwood Police Dept.
Jack Plummer, Police Chief

Captain John Follue

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