Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chesterfield gives initial OK to gate between it and neighbor

The Chesterfield City Council has given initial approval to plans for a 31-home subdivision with a gated emergency-access road between it and a neighboring development. The road would be privately maintained.

The road linking the two subdivisions was added to the plan to meet fire district access requirements. The gate was added to allay concerns of residents of the existing subdivision about added traffic.

The Schoettler Grove subdivision of up to 31 homes is planned northwest of the intersection of Clayton and Schoettler roads. Developer Brinkman Holdings, LLC has requested the rezonings for the 17-acre project. A final vote on the rezonings is set for the Feb. 19 council meeting.

Mayor Bob Nation has said that the Monarch Fire Protection District requires that any new subdivision with 31 or more lots install a road linking the new subdivision and an existing subdivision to allow for access in case of an emergency. The developer has been opposed to reducing the number of lots, which would prevent the requirement from kicking in.

“The Westerly Place people want that separation, and that gate isn’t unwarranted,” he said.
Councilman Derek Grier was the lone opponent to two amendments.
Grier insisted “it’s not the right direction to put a gate on the road, when the city’s original intention was to connect the subdivisions without a gate.”

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