Saturday, November 16, 2013

Latest Confrontation Between County Executive Dooley and Elliott Davis Concerning Health Dept. and Police Board Scandals

According to Elliott Davis, the St. Louis County Police are poised to release their report on the St. Louis County Health Department scandal within two weeks, a report Davis says will raise two questions about the administration’s handling of the matter, while the FBI continues to investigate the police crime lab scandal.

Earlier this week, Elliott caught up with St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley and his entourage to question the county’s top official about the scandal involving the leasing of over-priced laptop computers and the police board conflict of interest controversy. During the nearly three minute video, the county executive continued to skirt the issue with vague and evasive responses peppered with some of his classic one-liners, such as “I’m going to say it again” and “Elliott, again.” Click on the following link to watch the confrontation between the county executive and Davis:

Posted on: 9:34 pm, November 11, 2013, by Elliott Davis

(KTVI)– It was a surprising confrontation when I caught up with St Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley for the latest in two scandals hanging over Dooley’s administration

In the health department scandal, the county paid $3.5 Million over a 5 year period renting laptops.

Both the City of St. Louis and St. Charles County governments said they don’t rent or lease computers at all.

The City of St Louis just spent $3,000 on computers this year, this when Dooley’s Health Department spent $608,000 during a four month period this year leasing laptops.

On the issue of conflict of interest, both the City of St. Louis and St. Charles County said their policies prohibit public officials and employees from having even a subcontract for work on public projects.

You’d recall Dooley said it was just fine for then St. Louis County Police Board Chairman Gregory Sansone’s company to get a multimillion dollar subcontract for work on the county police department lab.
When Elliott Davis tried to grill Dooley on this issue he jumped in the car, shut the door and drove away.

There will be future updates to this story, as well as others plaguing the county executive’s ill-fated administration. In the interim, check out Subdivision Trustees – St. Louis Metro Area (, for updates on this issue, as well as others of interest to residents in St. Louis County.

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