Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SIGN OF THE MONTH: Bemiston Tower's Digital DIrectory

Need a new sign for your subdivision? Check out The Designery. They have produced signs for many subdivisions throughout the St. Louis area. Golden Gables subdivision in 63129 So. County is one of them.


Bemiston Tower which is located in Clayton, recently underwent a complete lobby remodel. The floors, walls and ceiling were transformed and updated with a new corporate look. Like any large professional commercial building, the finishing touch to a lobby is the building directory. For many years, Bemiston Tower has relied on a backlit strip directory. The old directory did its job over the years but it was time to upgrade the technology and look of the lobby with a digital solution.

Bemiston Property Manager Orneta Buchanan, called The Designery and asked if we could provide a digital solution. After reviewing with Ornetta several different design options, we came up with a very simple but sleek professional digital display. After removing the old back lit directory, we built a support wall and ran electrical and Internet cabling. The next step was to cover the support wall with a brushed aluminum panel with no visible fasteners. The directory of choice was the TouchSource 42 inch Pantella surface mount. The directory content was setup prior to installation with all tenant information, photos of the building and of course property management information. The directory information can be updated on any computer with Internet access and personal password.

If your building (or subdivision) is looking for an updated directory look with ease of operation, call me today and ask for a free test drive with one of our TouchSource directories.

Shannon C. Brown


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