Saturday, June 08, 2013

Councilman Stenger to address Senior Housing Ruling Situation

St. Louis County Sixth District Councilman Steve Stenger called a meeting Friday, June 7 at the Oakville High School gym to talk about the 3-story building on Telegraph Road, and both bleachers and the floor were filled.
He opened the meeting by saying he intends to introduce a resolution of intention to the St. Louis County Council to reopen the St. Louis County Planning Commission hearing to change or amend the zoning that allowed the HUD housing, and he intends to do that at Tuesday’s county council meeting.

“I’m so glad we have such community support in this because we’re going to need it,” Stenger said after applause. Later in the meeting, the crowd was generally not so supportive.

Several touched on the issue of the notice of the original zoning hearing, and the fact that it was published in the St. Louis Countian, a paper only available in Oakville at the two public libraries, according to Mark Haefner. Haefner is the son of Rep. Marsha Haefner.

Stenger agreed that notice for hearings needs to be improved.

Stenger will introduce his resolution at the Tuesday meeting of the St. Louis County Council at 6:00 p.m. in the County Council Chambers,  1st Floor, 41 South Central Avenue in Clayton. He invited everyone at the meeting to come the the county council meeting to support the resolution.

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