Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Can you imagine the world without cell phones?

It's a simple question to you all from member "anakak2013," can you imagine the world without cell phones? I know I can, as I lived a good portion of my younger life without one. I remember carrying extra change in my pocket so I could call my mom or dad from a pay phone to pick me up from the movies or wherever I was. I remember when entertainment was a Rubik's Cube or action figures -- not a smartphone or tablet in hand. And looking up a new word meant picking up the dictionary, not looking it up on my phone. My kids will probably never understand what it would be like not to have cell phones in their lives.

 Many people have negative things to say about having a cell phone and talk about wishing things were like in the good old days when not everyone or even no one had cell phones -- saying that people are less social and ruder now, absorbed in their phones, and worse drivers because of the distractions of cell phones, just to name a few. While I would have to agree with some of negatives, I think there are equally as many positives that come from cell phones. To me it is all about using them in moderation, knowing when is an appropriate time, and being considerate and respecting those around us.

However, as many great times as there were without cell phones, owning a cell phone has made my life much more convenient and it gives me a peace of mind to know that I can be reached at a moment's notice for any family emergencies. A cell phone is also an entertainment device for me as well; it's my music player, camera, and my gaming device, as well as providing Internet access for news, or whatever information I need at my disposal. Would I choose to give it up? Probably not. Could I live without one? I sure could. But if the technology is there, I'm going to embrace it and use it.

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