Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Lemay Branding and Streetscape Plan

If you haven't seen this plan, you need to pay attention to what's going on in Lemay. This plan is not new as it's dated March 24, 2011.  You need to study it at:

An update of this plan is dated March 11, 2013. You can download the 28 page document by clicking here.

St. Louis County took the first step for the $3.75 million renovation of Lemay Ferry Road's streetscape by hiring an architectural firm. Meanwhile, the Lemay Development Corporation is planning a new business and residential development on the road.

The county recently hired architects Hellmuth & Bicknese Architects LLC to renovate the sidewalks on Lemay Ferry Road. The designs will include new sidewalks, ramps, furniture and signs. Street lights will be added in some places. The renovation also will put the sidewalks in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act standards.

At a meeting with residents on March 13, 2013, county and other officials got an earful of complaints, challenges and questions regarding the proposed development. Questions like "Who will be taking care of the numerous trees proposed? Trees bring birds and the mess they create. Where's the parking? Senior citizen apartments with no elevator? Some said the development will drive customers and residents away.

Suggestions made to be addressed first included tear-down or renovation of existing buildings, general cleaning up of the community and others.  Stay tuned and plan to attend any future meeting on the Lemay Streetscape project.

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    The link for the 2013 update of the plan is not working. Can you please post an additional working link? thank you.