Tuesday, March 05, 2013

St. John Coninues with Allied/Republic Trash

The St. John City Council  tentatively agreed to extend its contract for trash collection with Allied/Republic Services through March 31, 2018.

Switching to trucks powered by natural gas has resulted in savings that are being passed on to customers, Tony Lamantia of Republic told the council.

The rate for the first year will be $19.70 a month, down from the current $20.49 a month. The senior discount will go from $18.44 a month to $17.73 a month. After that, annual increases will be determined by the consumer price index, which has been running about 2.4 percent, Lamantia said.

Service will remain the same with once-a-week pick-ups each of trash, recyclables and yard waste. Residents can also dispose of up to two bulky household items per month free of charge. There will continue to be a charge to residents for disposal of remodeling waste, he said.

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  1. J Federhofer5:26 PM

    I find it interesting that homeowner associations and local municipalities can get waste hauling rates that are about $10 less per month than St Louis County negotiates with the haulers. With the number of residences the County negotiates for, the price of trash/yard debris/recycling should be no more than $22/month for year round service. It seems that the County established trash monopolies and is unable to use its negotiating clout to get better rates than it has.