Monday, February 25, 2013

Military Burial for Same-Sex Spouse

Hmm, this is interesting.  A county resident writes . . . .

"I personally served 6 years in the US Army, but can’t be buried at Jefferson Barracks yet another guy can be buried there without serving any military time at all.  It’s because he’s gay and a same-sex partner with someone who did serve time."
I can’t be buried there because most of my time was served in the reserves.  I served in the army reserve program for 6 months active duty and 5 ½ year reserves.  I understand the reasoning here and accept it.

What’s hard to understand is the gay person being allowed to be buried in a military cemetery without any military service.  Now if my wife should die first and I shack up with a gay person after this, am I then eligible?

This same sex marriage thing is getting out of control. If someone can legally will money to a pet cat or dog, why can’t someone marry this pet? Depending on how much money the pet inherits, it could be the family breadwinner.

Military Burial for Same-Sex Spouse

A retired Air Force officer has been given permission to bury the ashes of her same-sex partner in a military cemetery in Oregon.

Nancy Lynchild, who died of cancer just before Christmas, will be the first homosexual military spouse to be buried in a national cemetery, The (Portland) Oregonian reported Thursday. Linda Campbell, 66, who retired as a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserves in 1994, said she and Lynchild will get what her parents did: burial in the same grave in Willamette National Cemetery.

Campbell, who enlisted in the Air Force after graduating from college in 1968, remembers having to hide her orientation during her years on active duty. Her parents rejected her when she first told them she was gay, although they later came to accept it.

"It's miraculous," Campbell said. "I never dreamed in my lifetime things would change."

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki approved the waiver in late January.

Lynchild and Campbell, who met while Campbell was working for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in Portland, were married in British Columbia in 2010, several years after Lynchild was diagnosed with breast cancer. They had already registered as partners in Eugene, Ore., and as spouses in Multnomah County, during a brief period when the county legalized gay marriage.

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  1. Anonymous7:56 AM

    Isn't it amazing that "Christian" churches are performing gay marriages? They claim tobe based on the bible but conveniently forget that God destroyed Sodom and Gamorrah for just this reason. And have they forgotten where our word SODOMY came from? Good old cafeteria Christianity, take the cake and pie and leave the vegatables. When did Americans become so affraid of offending people that we fell it's now better to have our country washed down the sewer and our future sacrificed on the alter of diversity. This country became great because of all the diverse groups that came together as Americans, not hyphenated Americans.