Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Comment Blasts Dooley for Hiring Goof

Comment Received: Now that Bailey has resigned her office, Uncle Charlie has come out with his usual "it didn't happen on my watch" statement. Doesn't this MORON realize that as county executive it's ALL his watch?

After about a month on the job, Stacey Bailey succumbed to pressure to resign her post as Collector of Revenue due to her delinquent personal property taxes dating back to 2008.

St. Louis County administration officials and council members acknowledged that they received numerous calls from angry residents calling for the ouster of Bailey.  In addition, County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch and County Council Chair, Mike O’Mara, also called for her resignation last week.

County Executive Charlie Dooley admitted that Bailey’s hiring was a huge mistake by stating that it was “a huge, embarrassing error” not by me but on the part of her supervisor, Eugene Leung, Director of Revenue.

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