Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Residents Say County Not Enforcing No Parking on Grass

The failure of the county to enforce the ordinance regarding vehicles parked on grass will create more incidences of trailers parked on grass and will help further the decline in some areas.  Neighborhood Preservation means preserving neighborhoods.  But, the way the county is not enforcing the ordinance, maybe the county should consider a more fitting name, such as Neighborhood Deterioration. 

A trailer, including a large barbecue pit on wheels is considered a “vehicle” and all vehicles are to be parked on a paved surface.  Paragraph 3 of Section 1207.060 is the key passage, as it states that “a designated parking area shall be adjacent to and contiguous to the driveway within a residential property and shall be paved.”  The ordinance is not written very clearly.  Even the county counselor’s office agrees with on that point and they’re all lawyers.  As you may recall, even the attorneys in the county counselors office are not all in agreement with the interpretation, so that says the ordinance needs to be clarified if the lawyers can’t agree. 

Another point that is confusing is that the ordinance guidebook, which is not the official ordinance, states that all recreational vehicles, including trailers, must be parked on a paved surface.  That was the ways the county always enforced the ordinance until Garry Earls established his own policy when he was the public works director. 
Does this mean we can park on the grass in county owned parks?


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