Monday, June 11, 2012

Trash Haulers Case Heard By Missouri Supreme Court

One month ago, on May 10th, the Missouri Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the trash haulers case against St. Louis County.  That case, American Eagle et al. v. St. Louis County, was the first lawsuit filed against the county in May of 2008 and is the last remaining case to be decided by the courts’.  At issue in the present case is whether the haulers are owed monetary damages and the amount, if any.
Below is a summary of the oral arguments before the Missouri Supreme Court.  Pat Redington, County Counselor, represented St. Louis County, and Jane Dueker represented the three plaintiff trash haulers, American Eagle, Meridian, and Waste Management.  

Within the next few months, the Missouri Supreme Court will hand down its decision, thus writing the final chapter in the lengthy book about trash in unincorporated St. Louis County.  However, the court’s decision will have no affect on the operation of the controversial trash districting program in St. Louis County, as it will still continue, business as usual. 

As such, residents in subdivisions that “opted-out” of the county program will have the option of choosing their trash hauler or haulers, while those who live in subdivisions and/or other areas that did not, could not “opt-out,” will forever be forced to use the county designated hauler for their respective trash districts.

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  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    What are the CITIZENS who are stuck with a program they never wanted in the first place supposed to do to get a little justice. What are those of us who lived in subdivisions where the “trustees” refused to put the issue to a vote supposed to do? I know, you’ll say that we elected them and it’s our fault. In my subdivision somehow the trustees changed without a meeting or a vote on them. Now that’s democracy…..or is it communism?